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We will respond to your concerns as quickly as possible. The easiest way to contact us about the massages is via WhatsApp.

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Arriving by public transport at the ZH Altstetten location
S-Bahn: Various lines to Zurich-Altstetten.
Then by bus line 31 to the Micafil stop (4 min.)
Bus: Line 31 to the Micafil stop (immediately next to the Laguna center location)
Tram: Line 2 to the Farbhof stop. Then about 600 meters on foot on Badenerstrasse in the direction of Schlieren (about 3 minutes)

  • Which oil do you use?
    I use coconut oil. It has the advantage that it is absorbed well and does not have to be showered after the massage.
  • Can I shower after the massage?
    Unfortunately, there are no showers available at the Zurich Altstetten location. However, since coconut oil is used for the massage, you can easily do without a shower. The oil is quickly absorbed and the clothes stay clean.
  • How can I book an appointment?
    Appointments can only be booked online on this page.
  • Where does the massage take place?
    The massages are currently taking place on Badenerstrasse in Zurich Altstetten.
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